Picture of King Cake special bakes for Mardi gras, Fat Tuesday. Fat Tuesday is the last day of the Carnival seasons as it always falls on the day before Ash Wednesday. It is the last night of eating rich, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season. The cake has three sections: green, yellow and purple. Green, yellow and purple represent the color of the Fat Tuesday. King cake decorated with Purple, Green and Yellow sugar sprinkles; purple, green and golden coins; and purple, green and golden bead necklaces on the top and around the cake.
On the top of the cake, in the middle, has text that says "Super Fat Tuesday Celebration" written in white color. Bottom left corner of the cake has text written on it, "at Wildwood Brewery on February 25, 2020, at 5:00 pm (Potluck)" in sky blue (turquoise) color. This King cake has "Wildwood Brewery logo" on bottom right corner. “Wildwood Brewery logo” looks like a spiky round soccer ball shape.  The bumpy edge with the red color all around it makes “Wildwood Brewery logo” looks like a flame soccer ball. Inside the round ball stood a picture of a tree.  “Wildwood Brewery Logo” has a picture of a tree that shows both the tree’s top ant its roots, a white back ground shows the top of the tree and the black back ground represent the ground, a wavy black line, almost like a yin and yang symbol, was used to show the ground in black ink. Above the ground and under the tree, it has the word “Wildwood” on left side of the tree trunk, and it has the word “Brewery” on the right side of the tree trunk, both messages written in black ink. 
More information at www.wildwoodbrewing.com Check out the facebook page at @Wildwood.Brewery09 or www.facebook.com/Wildwood.Brewery09
You are invited to our Mardi Gras potluck party. Bring your favorite dish to share and carnival spirit to Wildwood Brewery. Free admission and everyone is welcome including children. Potluck starts at 5:00 pm.