Mother's Day Card 
The card shows big pictures of two child hands handing chamomiles, green chamomile leaves and yellow chamomile flowers, in his/her palm to his/her mother. Below the card has a Happy Mother's Day! On the right hand-side has Wildwood Brewery logo, and message written as Wildwood Brewery on the top and Stevensville, Montana on the bottom.
“Wildwood Brewery Logo” has a picture of a tree that shows both the tree’s top ant its roots, a white back ground shows the top of the tree and the black back ground represent the ground, a wavy black line, almost like a yin and yang symbol, was used to show the ground in black ink. Above the ground and under the tree, it has the word “Wildwood” on left side of the tree trunk, and it has the word “Brewery” on the right side of the tree trunk, both messages written in black ink. 
Wildwood Brewery at 4018 US Hwy 93 North Stevensville, Montana, 59870; Call at 406-777-2855; More information at, Check out the facebook page at @WildwoodBreweryMT or 
Pizza: @wildharepatiokitchen
Happy Mother’s Day to all mother around the World.